Terms and Conditions


1. Applicability and validity of these terms.

These terms apply to the agreement, as well as to all offers and deliveries made by or on behalf of the aforementioned company. These terms apply unless an explicitly different arrangement is made in writing.

2. Offers.

All offers are, unless explicitly stated otherwise, always non-binding and based on the information and descriptions provided at the time of the request.

3. Agreements.

a. Agreements and additions thereto bind HA only after and insofar as they are approved and confirmed in writing by its management.

b. Orders - given in any manner - are binding on the contracting party - hereinafter also referred to as 'the buyer' - of HA.

4. Payment.

a. Payment will be made without any deduction or set-off, as far as the law allows, directly upon delivery or on the agreed delivery date. In case of late payment by the buyer, they owe HA interest of 1% per month, starting from the due date of the invoice amount.

b. HA has the right to demand advance payment or security. In case of late payment of the full invoice amount, as described in the previous clause, the buyer forfeits an immediately payable penalty equal to 15% of the invoice amount.

c. The buyer will be in default by the mere fact of not paying on time, without the need for a warning, summons, or similar act.

d. Besides the invoice amount with the aforementioned costs and interest, HA is entitled to demand from the buyer all costs caused by the buyer's default, both legal and extrajudicial costs, which are set at 15% of the invoice amount, with the understanding that these costs will never exceed the actual costs incurred by HA for the collection.

e. In this article, 'invoice amount' means the sales price including VAT of the car sold by HA to the buyer, without deducting the trade-in value of any car traded in by the buyer to HA.

5. Retention of title.

As long as the buyer has not fully met all his obligations, the goods remain the property of HA and HA is entitled to take back the goods without any notice of default. The buyer is liable for all damage - however named - that is caused to the delivered goods which remain the property of HA according to this provision.

6. Termination and cancellation:

HA has the right to unilaterally cancel a concluded purchase agreement - without being liable for any compensation if the buyer fails in any way to meet his obligations. In that case HA is entitled to fixed compensation amounting to 15% of the agreed purchase price as described in Article 4 paragraph e of these terms.

7. Liability.

a. The risk, both direct and indirect, however named, for and of the delivered goods is borne by the buyer from the moment of delivery.

b. If HA provides a warranty on any sold car, the warranty conditions used by HA apply, of which the main provisions are.

The warranty applies to the buyer and not to subsequent owners.

Parts that are regularly replaced during service are not covered by the warranty.

Defects resulting from improper use or repairs not carried out by the seller's company or at the seller's request are also not covered by the warranty. Nor is there any warranty for damage caused by participating in speed contests and speed trials.

The warranty obligation expires if the buyer himself repairs the car or has it repaired by third parties or if the car is sold and delivered to third parties.

The buyer must always contact the seller for the warranty. If the seller permits the warranty to be carried out elsewhere, then the buyer is obliged to return defective parts to the seller or otherwise demonstrate the necessity of repair.

Any warranty is only given on the engine and transmission.

The warranty does not cover compensation for damage to persons and property resulting from the breaking or defect of parts, whatever further costs may arise.

The warranty does not cover associated accessories such as tires, radios, windows, starters. LPG installation, air conditioning, alternator, water pump, exhaust, electric windows and sunroofs, high-pressure pumps, electrical installation, and changes to the car made after delivery and the resulting defects.

Any liability for consequential damage, including physical injury or business damage - any damage to third parties included - as a result of defect of any part is excluded.

c. If the buyer takes out car repair insurance for a purchased car, this automatically cancels any offered or already given warranty.

8. Final provision.

By signing the purchase agreement, the buyer declares to agree with these terms and waives any own terms.

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